Journey of a Voice Actor interviews

Voice actors frequently mention their personal journeys to make it where they are now, whether at conventions, in Tweets, or straight into their microphones in a YouTube video. These are inspiring stories that not only help us better connect with the voices and personalities in the voice over industry, but help us to better understand our own journeys and how we can possibly cross what, at times, may look like an endless ocean. However, it's often hard to track down all the details - you have to be at the right convention at the right time, or catch the Tweet before it disappears, or sift through dozens of videos until you finally find the nuggets of intel you were looking for.

Enter this page on AVA. AVA regularly interviews figures within the voice acting world to learn of their journeys and histories, and rather than having them scattered all over the internet, all these stories have been - and are being - compiled into one place. So pick a story or an actor you fancy, make some popcorn if you wish, and learn more about the fascinating people that make this industry tick.

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