Educational interviews

Voice acting is a challenging art unto itself, and anyone who says otherwise is woefully delusional. It can be hard enough getting into character or expanding your vocal range, but what about the minutiae so many people forget about or neglect? How do you determine what rates to go by? What's the difference between one voice over genre and another? How do you run an effective business? How the deuce do you create a functioning booth without spending thousands of dollars?

There's a lot that needs to be learned about running a successful voice acting business, because it won't happen on its own. Anyone who ignores such basic tenets is turning their wheels in the muck. However, without a degree in advertising or business management, it's often hard to put all the pieces together, leading a lot of growing voice actors to grasp at straws and merely hope they're going somewhere better. Knowing this, AVA often has interviews with industry professionals to tackle the persistent issues and questions hovering over the VO world like a depressing shroud of ignorance. If you want to become better acquainted with the ins and outs of running a voice acting business, pick a subject below and get listenin'.

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