Sunday, August 26, 2018

AVA Interview - Mighet Matanane - The parallels and differences between radio and voice over

In today's AVA interview, I speak with voice actor, The River radio host, good friend of mine, and expert Pokemon battler Mighet Matanane on the ins and outs of radio. It's a field that shares a lot of similarities to voice over, but also a lot of critical differences. As a new sort of interview, I wanted to talk with him about life as a radio host, things one should know before trying to sign themselves up as one, and how one needs to be aware that the nuances of voice over and radio don't necessarily translate over to the other.

Topics covered in this interview include:
  • The skills and background needed or recommended to get into radio
  • How Mighet found himself working at KRVO 103.1
  • How voice over and radio are similar, but very different and require different skill sets
  • Some of the struggles of being a voice actor AND radio host, and how to overcome them
  • A day in the life of a radio host
  • How working in radio might (or might not) expand your network and portfolio for elsewhere in entertainment
  • The benefits and joys of working in radio

It was excellent as always to speak with Mighet, who brings a natural energy and enthusiasm with him whenever we talk. If you've ever been curious about the radio field and wonder if it might be for you, this interview should be a great resource to you, because I know it was quite helpful and eye-opening to me.

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