Wednesday, June 6, 2018

AVA Interview - Kira Buckland - The whys and wherefores of voice over rates

In today's AVA interview, we once again turn to the talented Kira Buckland to discuss a topic that weighs heavily on every budding voice actor's mind: how the blazes to go about determining what to charge and how rates work. It's a confusing subject that isn't always immediately clear, so Kira shares her experience and observations with us to demystify a rather crucial business element of being a professional voice actor.

In this video we cover topics such as:

- How much you can generally expect to be paid for commercials, video games, pre-lay animation and anime
- The differences in how rates are determined between genres
- The importance of being cognizant of what you're signing onto
- The details on things that might affect the rate, such as pick-ups, last-minute work and company buyouts
- How you can figure rates when working from home instead of a studio
- Red flags to watch out for when signing on to something
- When to ask for more and when it's okay to go with a little less
- And plenty more

You can check out the video in its entirety here.

Incidentally, the Global Voice Acting Academy rate guide Kira mentions in the interview can be found here. Go check it out for a more in-depth look at VO rates. 

There's a ton of great stuff to take in here, so listen along and maybe have a notepad/other note-taking instrument handy. Kira was a wonderful guest to speak with as always.

You can also keep up with Kira in these places:
Twitter: @rinachan
Instagram: @killercoffeequeen

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