Tuesday, February 6, 2018

AVA Interview - How to act like a professional voice actor - with Tamara Ryan

In this interview, we hearken back to the awesome voice actress we first interviewed on this channel, Tamara Ryan, to talk about acting like a true professional in the VO business. Voice acting can be sort of an unknown frontier to those not used to the ins and outs of the business, so how can one present themselves in a positive, engaging way and not damage their standing with potential clients, colleagues and friends?


Time stamps for your convenience:
4:16 Sending auditions from home
12:19 Auditioning in a studio
19:00 Sending emails to clients, potential clients or colleagues
23:17 Emailing agents and agencies
27:07 Social media presence - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
38:02 The business aspect - taxes, invoices, etc.
42:52 Networking - emailing peers and professionals
46:21 Interacting with the director in a studio
49:05 Interacting with the engineer in a studio
56:31 Wrapping up

Remember to check out Tamara's website and follow her on Twitter.

Comment below what you thought of the interview and what sorts of subjects you'd like interviews of next. Look forward to new interviews on the 5th of every month and another Journey of a Voice Actor February 25th.

Tamara and I spoke at length about the process of marketing voice over demos, so you should go check that out. I also interviewed Griffin Puatu about moving to and living in Los Angeles as a voice actor, as well as Sean Chiplock on his origins and insights in the industry. Go check those out too.

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