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Thursday, February 22, 2018

A brief update - AVA will be right back!

Just wanted to take a brief moment to explain the imminent future of AVA.

I've got a few crazy things going on in my life - just moved, just found myself out of a job, and the internet where I live now likes to fight me sometimes - so we're taking a brief break from AVA. I've taken "breaks" before and they lasted the better part of a year, and I want to clarify that this isn't what this is. Things just got a little off-schedule while I tended to some real life scenarios, and now that those scenarios are being wrapped up, March should be fairly regular.

This does mean no article for February and no interview for March 5th. There will, however, be a Wolven Newsletter at the end of February, and everything after March 5th should be back on schedule.

Thanks for understanding, everyone, and we'll be right back to your regularly scheduled programming shortly.

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