Thursday, January 25, 2018

AVA Interview - Journey of a Voice Actor - with Sean Chiplock

You may know him from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as Revali, Teba and the Count Dooku/Great Deku Tree; you may know him from the rebooted Killer Instinct as Rash; you may know him from Fairy Fencer F as Zenke, or Cassim from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. He's voice actor Sean Chiplock and a pretty awesome dude.

This video is the first in a series examining how voice actors got where they are, from the moment they realized they wanted to voice act, to the struggles they faced picking up momentum, to what they've learned over the years - and what we can learn from them. Strap in and let's listen to the journey of Sean Chiplock.

Watch it now on YouTube. Want to skip to a particular section or save the rest for later? Time stamps for your consideration.

Time stamps:
0:00-4:44 Introduction
4:45 Icebreaker questions - favorite color, video game, role, and food
13:37 How long Sean has been voice acting
18:46 Sean's journey as a voice actor - what compelled him to start, training, finding work, continuing to expand his network and skills
30:04 Sean's experience with, and tips for, training as a voice actor
34:07 A discourse on the importance of professionalism
41:33 Struggles and hardships
46:42 Has there ever been a moment where Sean decided he'd "made it" as a voice actor?
49:46 Has staying ahead as a voice actor become "easy" for Sean by this point?
52:35 Sean's experience moving from Michigan to Los Angeles
57:58 Parting words of encouragement for voice actors trying to grow their careers
1:02:22 Three things aspiring voice actors might be doing that damage their careers
1:06:41 Wrapping up

To keep up with Sean, his Twitter handle is Go follow him!

Leave a comment on what you thought of this interview. Did you learn any new insights into your own path as a voice actor? Did you enjoy hearing more about Sean and how he got started? Anything you'd like to see out of the next interview? Whether on this blog or under the video on YouTube, do let me know, and subscribe to this blog to be notified when the next interview or article goes live.

I've interviewed some other cool people too. You can listen to Griffin Puatu on the process of moving to and living in Los Angeles as a voice actor, or Tamara Ryan on how to make the most out of a voice over demo.

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