Friday, September 23, 2016

Are voice acting lessons worth it?

At some point in every budding artist's preparation for the leap into professionalism should come one question: "Are lessons worth it?" If you're writing a book, you have to consider paying for an editor (a costly but effective endeavor). If you aim to voice act professionally, you'll have to consider formal education.

So is it worth it? Short answer: yes.

...So, uh, I guess the article's over. Thanks for reading. Subscribe, share, proclaim your love for me, keep marriage proposals to less than 150 characters.

But you came for a more detailed answer, I'm assuming. The answer really isn't as easy as "shell out money, git gud." There are important benefits to voice over lessons, some precautions to take, and a certain mindset you'll need to have.

Friday, September 2, 2016

LLA #1 - Let's Learn a Russian Accent

Welcome, finally, to Let's Learn a Russian Accent, the first installment in the Let's Learn Accents series. I opted to start with a Russian accent because I'm actually fairly familiar with it, and therefore perhaps my very first entry here won't result in me being laughed at and booed off the virtual stage for my failures.

For those of you just dropping in out of nowhere (hi!), Let's Learn Accents is sort of a collaborative journey where I pick an accent, study it, dissect it so everyone else can follow along, and then attempt it myself with audio proof so you can hear how I did. Again, I'm a bit more familiar with the accent in question this time around, but I will tackle accents I don't know at all in the future, so that will be an excellent time to observe and explain both where I can improve and how others can sound more genuine as well.