Monday, June 20, 2016

Knights in Time: Knight Blindness - A Romance That Transcends the Barrier of Time

Do you like romance, audiobooks, me, and/or author Chris Karlsen? Why not combine all four by listening to Knights in Time: Knight Blindness, a romance novel written by Chris Karlsen and now available in audiobook form, featuring narration by yours truly?

While it is book 3 in a series, no knowledge of the prior novels is required to enjoy the story.

Medieval English knight Stephen Palmer, battling French knight Roger Marchand in the battle of Poitiers, finds himself inexplicably warped to the modern era, but a moment's mistake costs him his vision. Blind and confused, Stephen is forced to adjust to contemporary France and England, now allies, and relies on his tutor, Esme, to introduce him to this new world. His knightly chivalry and her peppy charisma begin to allure one another. However, they are unaware that Marchand has also been whisked to the modern day, and he may not view England and France's newfound alliance with such favor.

On top of the intriguing romance, the book is also surprisingly informative and well-researched regarding its historical themes, thanks to an author who has been around the world and studied medieval history so extensively the mere thought of it makes my head threaten to pop. Do you know what a chanfron is? Neither did I before narrating this. Not only is Knight Blindness an engaging read (or listen, as it were), you can actually learn a fair bit about European history.

Note some strong sexual themes and some language in the book.

You can find the audiobook on Audible here. An iTunes version is also available here.

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